How to buy the full version of the screensaver

StarMessage is a gift you should buy
to anyone important in your life,
starting with yourself.

The price is kept low so that anyone wishing to buy it, can buy it.

The price is a one-time fee. Unlike other products, there are no monthly or annual fees. Payment methods include: credit cards, cheques, money orders, fax ordering, paypal, webmoney. If you order more than one copies, there is an automatic discount.

After processing your payment you will receive an email with your activation code and download instructions.

The processing is a manual process so please allow a few hours for it to complete. Usually, the activation codes are sent within 12 hours after ordering.

logo of mycommerceFor your order processing we have selected to partner with MyCommerce, an established industry leader specialized in the processing of payments for software products.
MyCommerce uses the highest available level of SSL encryption to offer secure online transactions and credit card processing.

Version 5 is a completely re-written version of the screensaver to make it compatible with both Microsoft Windows and Apple's MacOS.

Buy the latest version of StarMessage

buy the screen saver link
Buy the screen saver for Microsoft Windows
for only $9.95
buy the screen saver link
Buy the screen saver for MacOS
for only $9.95
Existing customers of Windows version 4 (or older) can upgrade to version 5 with a 50% discount (on an already low price).
It is also good opportunity to support the person behind the screensaver that you have enjoyed for so many years.

Upgrade/switch from an older version of StarMessage

buy the screen saver link
Upgrade to version 5 for Microsoft Windows
for only $4.95
You can see the benefits of upgrading to v5 here.
buy the screen saver link
Switch to version 5 for MacOS
for only $4.95